Making A Move On The First Date You Took To TGIF Fridays Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Mistletoe Drones

It’s happened to pretty much all us Bros. There’s a lady you been jonesin’ for, chasing after for a little while. Finally, something, somehow, you score that number. She agrees to go on a date. No drinks for this babe, though. She’s better than that. You wanna wine and dine her. Treat her like a lady. But you don’t tell her the place, ‘cuz you wanna surprise her.

So, you pick her up from her house, looking fine as all hell. Fresh pressed shirt. The two of you make your way to the location you picked. You exit the car at the mall parking lot and see what you think is a hint of bemusement on her face. Yes, nice, you think. She likes this, and you make your way to TGI Fridays.

But all through the date, she seems stand-offish. Distant. You try to touch her elbow, or lean in a bit, so your bodies accidentally brush, sparking dat chem (that chemistry).

You can’t let this date end without making your move. This is your chance. You want to go in for that kiss. You’re afraid she might reject you, though.

Luckily, TGI Fridays is here to help. Because their British locations are introducing mistletoe drones for the holidays.

(Forgot to mention that in this hypothetical you are a Londoner: “Spot of Governor Biscuit Tea Alliance with America Stoic Resolve,” you say.)

The restaurant chain discovered that almost 60 percent of people have never kissed under mistletoe (because 60 percent of all people don’t live physically inside the movie Love, Actually. The other 40 percent are Hugh Grant).

They want to give everyone that chance for a memory.

So now, you’ll be casually eatin’ dinner at Frids and a drone, with a piece of mistletoe Scotch-taped to it, will hover over your head.

Now you can show that lady that you like her with a peck.

Here’s the announcement video.

The drones also feature a kiss cam, so you can relive that smooch from above. Or a video of your brutal, brutal rejection.

Love has never been so #branded and we are all better for it. Probably.

Spokeswoman Rachel Waller said: “Everyone loves a good Christmas party, but we all know things can be a bit awkward until someone breaks the ice.

“Our mistletoe drones are the perfect way to do this. Not only are they great fun for the entire restaurant, but they help people get a little closer at this time of the year

No. They don’t.

[H/T Daily Dot]