Norway Man Celebrates The ‘First Snow’ Like A Complete Madman, And I Wish I Was This Tough

by 1 year ago

The town of Kodal, Norway received its first snow of the season a few days ago and for the third year in a row one crazy Norwegian went out into the wood and filmed himself celebrating that ‘first snow’ like a complete mad man.

So, how exactly does a crazy person celebrate the first flakes of Fall? By trudging out into over a foot of fresh powder, wearing nothing but his underwear, all while chugging vodka. And once he’s worked up a good sweat (in the freezing cold weather of Norway) he then grabs his friggin’ chainsaw and chops into a frozen bath, a bathtub he then proceeds to soak in.

I’ve never taken an ice bath so I certainly can’t judge, and I’ve heard they have great restorative effects on the muscles, but this seems like absolute insanity. In a typical ice bath, at least the ones I’ve seen on TV/Film and in pictures, the bath is located in a temperature controlled locker room and not out in the middle of a Norwegian forest. Obviously, this man has no fear of frostbite. I on the other hand am a little bitch when it comes to the prospect of frostbite, and that looked like a long ass walk back to the cabin (through over a foot of snow) from where his ice bath is located.

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