This Guy Built The Most Badass (And Lazy) Fishing Rod Imaginable, It Shoots Bait Bullets From A Cannon

Is learning to overhead cast a massive surf-casting rod just too difficult a task for you? Well for one man it was, so he built this cannon that requires him to freeze his bait into projectiles the shape of bullets, and he fires them out into the ocean instead of doing any work.

I’d like to take this moment to be the first to nominate this man as having built the LAZIEST invention in the history of a sport (fishing) that is remarkable lazy. Often, fishing revolves around sitting there and doing nothing. Sure there’s fly fishing, which I love, and you could spend an entire day casting on the flats if you wanted to. But there’s also trolling, and bottom fishing, and bobbers…where you’re basically just sitting there and waiting for the bait to do all of the work work you.

Now this jabroni’s coming along and he’s made it so you don’t even have to cast anymore. You just have to sit there and wait for your bullet shaped bait to thaw because it’s encapsulated inside a massive ice block. I could definitely see the merits of this for shark fishing, where you could pack some chum into that frozen ice block, but for typical surf casting this is just the laziest excuse for an invention I’ve ever seen…and HOLY CRAP do I want one. You cannot deny that this thing’s incredibly badass. If anyone I know is reading this, just plan on getting me this for my birthday next year because it’s the perfect gift.

Via r/fishing

Just look at that bait bullet and tell me this isn’t the most badass fishing invention you’ve ever seen:


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