Bro Catches 12-Pound Lobster Off Of California, Confirms Existence Of Aliens On Earth

A man was fishing for ‘bugs’ off the coast of California when he caught what appears to be an actual alien. Forrest Galante initially had planned to release the lobster that is large enough to bear hug him, but after weighing in at 11.6-pounds he knew he had to take it home and show it to his family.

Eventually he did return the lobster to the ocean, but not after letting his dog play with it then sticking it in an aquarium. Throughout the video he keeps referring to it as ‘the world’s biggest lobster’, which is 100% a misnomer. Lobsters in the Atlantic have been caught weighing over 40-pounds, and just last year off of Southern California caught an 18-pound lobster.

That said, this thing is an absolute freak of nature. No lobster should be large enough to hug a human being, and if he was smart he would have boiled it up and dunked it in butter. But he didn’t, instead he made a video of the entire ordeal that’s been grabbing headlines worldwide:

All-in-all it’s pretty damn impressive that he managed to catch it, keep it in captivity for so long, then get it back to the ocean. Methinks there might be some psychological damage done to that lobster, but I’m a fool who knows nothing about lobsters, so don’t believe me.

And here’s a second video if ridiculous catch:


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