This Guy Modified His House So He Could Fish Every Day Without Ever Leaving His Living Room

Fishing Hole In House

“I love to fish, I fish every day,” Paul Phillips.

Paul isn’t kidding. He loves fishing. He loves fishing so much that he figured out a way to fish every single day, not matter the elements, without ever having to get out of his footie pajamas. Paul built a dream house that includes a hatch in the living room that opens up to a man-made pond under his home.

He was fishing at Lake Oologah when a guy told him he couldn’t fish where he was; that made him angry.

“One of these days I’ll have a place of my own where nobody can tell me I can’t fish there,” Phillips said.

This house is that place; but he needed a place to put the fish.

“I rented me a dozer and dug me a pond,” said Phillips.

Phillips says one more good rain will fill the pond. Hopefully a really good rain won’t flood him out.

House Over Fishing Pond

If you’re visiting Paul, and not down to living room fish, there’s plenty of room to cast off from porch on three sides.

[via News On 6]