Wait a Second, Five Percent of People Have Checked Facebook During Sex?

According to condom manufacturer Durex, a full five percent of Britons have checked Facebook during sex. That’s three million people. If you transpose it to the United States, that’s fifteen million people who have, while fucking, Facebooked.

What the fuck? The study also says 12 percent of people answered the phone while doing it and another ten percent looked at their texts.

Phone I get. There’s nothing wrong with pausing coitus to get up and at least see who is calling. Texts, less so. Nothing bad is going to happen if you wait eight more minutes to read your messages.

But Facebook? There are only two reasons you look at Facebook and both are unacceptable here. One is just general browsing, which… what the fuck? Lemme just scroll my news feed while I’m inside. Two is that you got a notification, but what fucking Facebook notification can’t wait until after you are done?

“Hold on, maybe my ex got divorced.”

Unless, maybe the both of you are checking Facebook while doing it? That may be good bonding, but might I suggest sexin’ harder instead?

Social media. Fuck it.

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[Image via Shutterstock]