This Flask Disguised As A Tablet Is The Perfect Way To Sneak Alcohol And Weed- I MEAN CIGS Into Concerts

Unless you’ve recently won the lottery or your bank account has a death wish, no one in their right mind buys alcohol at concerts, sporting events – you name it. Why blow $12 on a bottle of beer when all it’s gonna do is make me pee in 30 minutes without even giving me even a slight buzz? And don’t get me started on actual liquor – not even Jay Z blows stacks on rail drinks when he goes to watch the Brooklyn Nets play.

Well now you’re in luck because the StashPad is here to solve all your functioning alcoholic problems. From the team who brought you the iFlask comes the StashPad, which is basically an iFlask except it holds WAY more liquor, PLUS blunts/cigarettes/whatever your little heart desires to roll up into a tube-shape. I mean look at this thing:


That’s 12 shots. I don’t care if you consider yourself the Vladmir Putin of drinking vodka, that’s enough to get you shithoused. You say you and a friend are splitting the 12 shots and you’re afraid that you won’t be blacked out in sufficient time? No problem! Shove a bunch of blunts in this bitch and the two of you will be dysfunctional in no time.


Unlike most Kickstarters, these guys have a proven track record when it comes to getting their products out to consumers and NOT having it suck, so come December 15th when it’s time to ship the flasks you can expect quality arriving in your mailbox within 3-5 business days. As of today they’ve got $80.00 of their $10,000 goal (it literally went live less than 10 minutes ago, so that’s actually pretty good), and with a pledge of $15 or more you’ll get your very own StashPad come December when they start manufacturing.

Click HERE to donate to the StashPad Kickstarter!

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