A Condo Association Is Considering Lawsuit Against Pokémon Go After Pokestop Causes Total Chaos

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Without even knowing the details of the prospective lawsuit I think we can go ahead and file this under ‘Get off my goddamn lawn, you rowdy youths’. And I think we all knew it was only a matter of time until something like this happened because the international phenomenon of Pokémon Go has people chasing rare Pokémon 24/7/365, regardless of whether or not those Pokémon are on private property.

via South Florida’s Local10 news:

A Hollywood condominium association is considering legal action to combat the throngs of “Pokemon Go” players who flock to the beachside building in the early morning hours.
Lon Tabatchnick said his peaceful, serene slice of paradise at the Villas of Positano has recently been disrupted by hundreds of “Pokemon Go” players who infiltrate the private property.
The Villas at Positano is a Pokestop for the popular game, and rare Pokemon are released at midnight Pacific Time, so at 3 a.m. hundreds of players make their way to the condo.
“There’s no public bath facilities here, so if they are here and they have to go to the bathroom, they tend to use the bushes,” Tabatchnick said. “Garbage is deposited. Some people that late at night are intoxicated. They’re loud.”
Tabatchnick said they also park illegally and stay for hours.
Hollywood police are aware of the problem but said if they are on the Broadwalk and not causing a disturbance, they can’t stop them. But not everyone follows the rules.

Let’s be honest here: not a single goddamn one of those condo owners have walked out to the boardwalk at night to see if the people hitting the Pokéstop are supposedly drunk. They’re just throwing that bullshit out there to try and get the cops to involve themselves and police the Pokéstop.

And this is one the most Florida stories I’ve read about in 2016. Just a bunch of old people trying to force anyone younger than them by two decades to STFU because the elderly in Florida are the most entitled in America. They forget that their beloved beach communities would cease to exist without a younger generations to maintain them (lifeguards, maintenance), or that they’d all have fucking diaper rash if there weren’t millennial nurses on hand to change their geriatric diapers.

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So what if these old ass condo owners are waking up an hour early, rising at 3am instead of 4am, they don’t need sleep anyways! As for the lawsuit, I’d LOVE to see them file one because they don’t own the boardwalk and ultimately this would just cost them a shit ton of money in legal fees. But maybe they’re all so fat cat rich that they don’t care about throwing money at frivolous lawsuits, in which case I’d like to suggest a few of my buddies who are lawyers in South Florida and could use work…

For more on this story you can click on over to Local 10

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