Bros For Life? Florida Man Allegedly Vapes His Friend’s Semen On Camera


First off, big thanks to the Daily Dot for bringing this wonderful video to my attention. Give ’em a follow on the social medias.

Okay. Back to the reason you clicked. Are you ready to read about a guy who vaped his friend’s sperms? If you aren’t, stop now, because that’s exactly the turn this conversation is about to take.

A video shows a Florida man taking a hot hit of semen on his new vape. His friends filming claim he’s the first man ever to vape semen, and look how proud he is!


As our friend Brad should be. Brad is like Neil Armstrong, the star of a bukkake video, and the caveman who invented fire all rolled into one.

Also, dumb!

The play-by-play, since we can’t embed a load of jizz, goes as such.

He swishes a load in a tin can for us to see, which is allegedly from the evening before. Day old load! I guess in the way that day old bagels are best consumed toasted, splooge that’s been out for a while needs to be reheated as well.

(Our friends at the Dot suspect the jizz (if it was jizz) may have been cut with vegetable glycerin.)

Now, a photo essay in three parts.

There it is. Man has finally vaped semen.

I’m not going to link to the video, but if you go here on Reddit and click a few times, you can certainly delight in it.

Anyway, is this bigger than blood brothers? I think it is.

According to the YouTube description, Brad is now $68 richer.

You can’t put a price on history.

[H/T Cooper]