Florida Man On The Run After Leaving The Strip Club, Falling Out Of His Truck, And Running Himself Over

A headline is only so long, what I couldn’t mention above is that after running himself over with his own truck the truck rolled into a nearby house and injured a 58-year-old woman, and that’s why the police are looking for him….

Now for the details of Florida Man‘s latest sexcapades, via Orlando Sentinel:

The man, believed to be a 28-year-old Casselberry resident, had just left the Dancers Royale strip club on Colonial Drive at Old Cheney Highway about 2:15 a.m. and was driving away when he fell out of the 2016 Ford pickup, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
He had made it less than a block down the street when he landed on the ground, troopers said.
The truck then ran over his leg and then started rolling into the driveway of a home on the 5000 block of Old Cheney Highway. It kept going until it crashed into the front of the house, injuring a 58-year-old woman inside, according to FHP.

That’s some classic Florida Man behavior right there. Leaving the Booby Par after 2am (when most strip clubs in the state of Florida close), and running himself over with his own truck. I think the presumptions is that the driver didn’t fall out of his truck sober, but that might also be why he fled the scene, right? Tired and scared of getting a DUI, possibly suffering from a broken leg, and probably with pockets full of meth…The driver chose to run, and he’s still out there while the 58-year-old woman whose house he crashed into is being treated for wounds. Classic Florida Man.

…(h/t Miami Herald)…

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