Prepare To Fall In Love With This Cutie Who Inhaled A 12-Stack Of Pancakes In Under 10 Minutes

by 3 years ago


Bros, meet certified hottie and competitive eater Kate Ovens. The 22-year-old stands only 5’5” tall but can take down more food than Honey Boo Boo at a country buffet after Ramadan. She’s an absolute machine.

The video above is Katie crushing the Pancake Food Challenge at The Breakfast Club in London, which consists of eating 12 pancakes in less than 12 minutes. She finishes in almost half the time.

Here are the challenges that Katie has completed, courtesy of The Sun:

GUT BUSTER CHALLENGE – Stateside Diner, Newcastle: 24oz burger, onion rings, chips and a milk shake – all in 20 minutes.

THE MEAT CHALLENGE – Blue’s Smokehouse, Bracknell, Berks: 2.5kg of meat including full rack of spare ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, brisket, burnt ends and sausages. Kate did this in 25 minutes.

CAPITAL FM FOOD CHALLENGE – Fat Hippo, Newcastle: 24oz burger with cheese, bacon, onion rings, chips and a milk shake. Kate consumed it in nine minutes.

DOUBLE DARE YOU CHALLENGE – Marriott Hotel, Bristol: 12oz burger, two slices of cheese cake in 19 minutes. Kate smashed the record in just ten minutes 14 seconds.

TRIPLE BURRITO CHALLENGE – Mission Burrito, Reading, Berks: Kate ate three packed burritos in eight minutes.


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