Former Alcoholic Recreates Photo After Going One Year Without A Sip And Is Barely Recognizable

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Alcohol, my friends. Alcohol was this man’s kryptonite. Redditor Klamsykrawl posted a side-by-side photo after going one year without alcohol, claiming to lose 53 pounds and being “1,000 times happier.” The dude would polish off a 12 pack and half a bottle of wine every week night plus more on the weekends. Now: nothing. Not a drop.

Many Reddit commenters asked what particular effect cutting alcohol had in his every day life, besides turning him into the All State ‘Mayhem’ dude. His reply: “Actually being present in my everyday life and being grateful for every moment. Sounds cheesy but yeah.”

When asked how difficult it was to quit, Klamsykrawl echoed that good habits create other good habits.

I am an alcoholic. It’s still hard sometimes, but there’s so many more positives now that the choice gets easier and easier.

This bro’s story inspired others to share their transformation stories within the thread of his original post. Pretty inspiring shit, especially from Redditor M374llic4:

 I was 309lbs from drinking 1.75+ liters of vodka and gatorade per day. Getting off the drinking was tough, I had to go to a medical facility to be monitored while I was in withdrawal. Was having hallucinations and shit, they said its possible to die from stopping cold turkey with how much I drank. I was 4x the legal limit when I went in, and I was already in withdrawals.

Once I got out I started out just trying to walk now and then, the weight came off pretty fast, I lost about 100lbs in a year. When I got to about 220 or so I started walking even more, then one day I started to jog. Just a little bit, then walked the rest. Each day I would try to jog more and more, eventually I was able to jog a whole mile. After that it turned in to “how much faster can I run this mile?” I went from 15 minutes down to like, 6:40 seconds I think?

I then started to keep my diet to lean meats, salads, not a lot of sauces on things (they are usually loaded with calories). I started using to track what I was eating and make sure I kept my calories where I wanted them to be. A few months later, I looked like what you see in my pic below.


Never too late to change for the good, fellas.

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