Fox Affiliate Cancels Casting Call For Tall, White Woman After The Internet Pulled Out The Pitchforks

A Minnesota-based FOX affiliate canceled it’s open casting call for a tall, attractive, white woman after their Facebook post blew up and was subsequently deleted. After the sexist-racist casting call was picked up by Jezebel and Public Radio, the crème de la crème of Internet Outrage, the FOX affiliate ‘Minnesota Nice TV’ pulled their listing and put up a statement (the furthest thing from an apology) about what they’d done. Here’s the original post followed by the TV station’s response:


StarTribune / Facebook

and here’s the response:

And by the way, the only reason I’ve mentioned that it’s a Fox affiliate is because every news outlet on the planet that’s covered this seemed to think that’s an important piece of information.

Tall woman with no tattoos? Do they even exist in the year 2016? Here’s what Minnesota’s Star Tribune has to say about this PR catastrophe:

Producers for an upcoming series posted a casting call Monday on Facebook for a position co-hosting a program centered around “luxury product placement.” The notice requested a Caucasian female that’s 5’8″ or taller and has no visible tattoos. The word “Caucasian” was dropped from the posting after several people responded with concerns.The auditions are scheduled to be held in a downtown apartment complex Monday evening.

The posting claims the show will air on Fox 9. A spokesperson for the station said that the series is in no way associated with the news department and that it is trying to track down its specific relationship — if any — with the project. Stations routinely sell time to outside entities for what’s commonly referred to as “infomercials.”

On Facebook, a person who is listed as one of the show’s producers, reacted sharply to criticism from those who objected to the initial call for Caucasian women.

I’m all for digging in and hunkering down when you think you’re right, defending yourself against all the haters. As someone who (unfortunately) still reads the comments I can say that I sometimes feel the need to defend our content here on BroBible when it’s been misinterpreted by people who only read the headlines, etc. In this case though I can’t figure out what in the actual fuck the producers of Minnesota Nice TV think they could’ve been defending.

The most illuminating piece of information to come out of this came from me Googling around on Minnesota diversity only to find that the population of Minnesota is 85.3% caucasian and 5.2% black, and as recently as 1990 Minnesota was over 90% white. I’ve never been to Minnesota but I assumed it was at least somewhat on par with the racial diversity seen elsewhere in the nation…But hey, Minnesota’s more diverse than Maine, a state with a population that’s over 96% white, so at least they can claim the state’s more diverse than other places..right?

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