Fox Affiliate Cancels Casting Call For Tall, White Woman After The Internet Pulled Out The Pitchforks

by 2 years ago

A Minnesota-based FOX affiliate canceled it’s open casting call for a tall, attractive, white woman after their Facebook post blew up and was subsequently deleted. After the sexist-racist casting call was picked up by Jezebel and Public Radio, the crème de la crème of Internet Outrage, the FOX affiliate ‘Minnesota Nice TV’ pulled their listing and put up a statement (the furthest thing from an apology) about what they’d done. Here’s the original post followed by the TV station’s response:


StarTribune / Facebook

and here’s the response:

And by the way, the only reason I’ve mentioned that it’s a Fox affiliate is because every news outlet on the planet that’s covered this seemed to think that’s an important piece of information.

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