Fox News Dipshit Asks The Most Idiotic Question After Gay Marriage Is Legalized

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5 Concerns I Have Now That Gay Marriage Is Legalized Nationwide:

  1. Just when I thought I couldn’t take one more obnoxious wedding album on Facebook, the flood gates have opened.
  2. Now I will feel even more alone being that 40-year-old unmarried dude still doing molly and hitting the clubs.
  3. I will get invited to more weddings and I don’t even own a suit.
  4. That dude Dale from high school will call me a ‘fag’ on Facebook for being cool with gay marriage. I fucked your girlfriend, Dale. Ask her.
  5. I have to listen to Fox News pundits like this dipshit present preposterous hypotheticals on how gay marriage will lead to the apocalypse.

In case you didn’t catch that:

We’re just trying to think about the ramifications, when a precedent is set, what it means down the road, right?

So, suppose three people say “We want to be a marriage. We’re three people and we love each other and we want to be a marriage. What’s to prevent that under this?

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[H/T Unilad]

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