UPenn Frat Member Pens Poem To Freshmen Girls Telling Them To Wear Tight Clothes And Feminists Are Predictably Upset

I really don’t know what this guy was expecting on this one. It’s 2016. You can’t tell a girl she looks cute in a particular outfit without getting kicked in the base of the dick for objectifying a woman based on her dress and not accepting her as attractive no matter what she is wearing. And that’s when a dude is trying to be nice. If a guy sets out to actively objectify women based on their physical and sexual appeal, their only hope of survival is to wear flame-retardant suit for when feminists set him on fire. So I’m not really sure what this frat member from UPenn’s plan here was, but he can’t be too surprised that feminists did not respond kindly.

For those who cannot make out the poem, it reads:


The year is now upon us
May we have your attention please
We’re looking for the fun ones
And say fuck off to a tease

Wednesday nights will get you going
With bankers flowing all night
Tonight is your first showing
So please wear something tight

204 is where you’ll join us
Bring friends and maybe more
Natty light is your delight
So get hype for what’s in store”

I mean, woof. As I said, UPenn feminists were not pleased.

Via Buzzfeed News:

“It is unclear how many freshmen received the invitation for the party to be held Wednesday night at the OZ house — an off-campus fraternity, which is not recognized by the university.

Amanda Silberling, a UPenn junior, and some of her friends saw the email and discussed how they believe it perpetuated rape culture and exemplified how women on campus are often treated.

Together, they decided to collectively take action by designing, printing, and distributing flyers around campus.

Silberling and her friends distributed approximately 600 flyers of the email with the phrase “this is what rape culture looks like” printed over it, across the Philadelphia campus Monday night. On Tuesday, the students plastered more flyers on campus, including on the school’s iconic “LOVE” sculpture.”

““Keeping women on college campuses safe is an issue that stretches beyond Penn and Philly,” Silberling told BuzzFeed News. “It’s an issue active on college campuses everywhere.”

Silberling said some of the flyers have been taken down from public places, but the ones posted on bulletin boards in dorm buildings and on poles around campus are still there.”

I’m really not sure why anyone is shocked by this. The dude made some public solicitous comments towards women and feminists responded. He started it, they escalated it. Sure, I think he was just playing a little bit of a joke. But also, if a bunch of freshman girls had shown up wearing tight clothes, I doubt he would have sent them home to change into something more modest. (Side note: Despite shaming the frat for being a bunch of pricks, the feminists probably provided them with some of the best advertising they could have asked for. Win-win if you ask me.)

[h/t TFM]