If You Like Free Weed Then You Need To Find Yourself At This Party In D.C. Tonight!

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Over 800 people have RSVP’d to a party tonight at the Libertine in Washington D.C.’s Adams Morgan where everyone will be gathering to receive their free marijuana seeds. That’s just 800 RSVP’d, chances are a few thousand people show up to claim their free stash of sticky icky seeds, all joining together to proliferate marijuana growing throughout Washington D.C.

Now if you don’t live in The District but do live nearby somewhere in the mid-Atlantic, it’s not exactly legal for you to grab those seeds and start growing your own weed. But is that really going to stop you from joining in on the nation’s largest ‘legal marijuana giveaway’?

Part of Ballot Initiative 71 that passed last November legalizing marijuana in Washington D.C. is that the possession and growing (of limited amounts) of marijuana was legalized, but the actual purchase and sale is still outlawed. So in order to get around the complete lack of marijuana dispensaries in our Nation’s Capitol, the Libertine bar in Adams Morgan is hosting the ‘Spring Seeds Share’ for everyone to get together and either swap pot seeds or pick up free seeds, so they can then head home and get to growing the next great crop of buds!

Here’s the flier:



The Washington Post reports:

The District is about to witness a massive, public drug deal on Thursday — and for those involved, it will be quite a bargain.

Over 800 people have confirmed attendance at a giveaway of marijuana seeds Thursday night at an Adams Morgan restaurant. The event appears unprecedented and likely to scatter the makings of more than 16,000 marijuana plants across the nation’s capital.

D.C. police plan to stay clear of the spectacle — except to direct traffic, if needed.

Organizers, meanwhile, say they hope to launch a wave of home growth and use of pot so D.C. residents can take advantage of a ballot measure approved by voters last fall that legalized possession of the plant.

The District is unique among states where possession and use have become legal, because sales remain against the law. That’s one reason that a seed giveaway — and not an opening of stores for legal sales, as has happened in Colorado and Washington state — is marking the kickoff.

So if you like to party and you like free weed then you better get your ass to Adams Morgan tonight, and share this party flier with anyone and everyone you know how might be interested!

[The Washington Post]

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