The French Are Hating on the Jews Because Europe or Something

There's a new viral trend sweeping across the European mainland and it's all about hating Jewish people. 

Hey… that sounds… familiar. It's called the Quenelle and it's sort of like a Harlem Shake of hatred. Here's how you do it. From Esquire

One arm goes down and out, the other crosses to the shoulder.

Sounds inoffensive enough. But the key to is not the how. It's the where. Photos are showing up online of people doing the Quenelle at the places where you probably shouldn't make a symbolic gesture displaying your displeasure with a group of people who have… been through some shit. You know, at synogagues and Aushwitz and the Western Wall. And it all started in France.

It was invented during a 2005 sketch, by French comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, whose live performances have been halted mid-stream by the Brussels Police for violation of anti-hate speech 

See, you aren't allowed to do hateful things in Europe because Europeans have a tendency to … overreact. We will see where this ends up. Happiness and peace, most likely. 

[Via Esquire