This Dude’s Modeled His Entire Life Off Chandler From ‘Friends’ — Living The Dream Or Potential Serial Killer?

Everything in this dude’s life is based off NBC’s hit comedy ‘Friends’. He tries to treat his wife like Chandler treats Monica, he’s named his kid Ross, he’s got the foosball table in his apartment and the same decorations as Joey and Chandler. This dude’s built a ‘Central Perk’ coffee house replica and is somehow under the impression that Gunther is a cool dude, when everyone with half a brain knows that Gunther’s the weirdest character from 90’s television. He thinks Gunther’s so awesome he’s taken on the role of Gunther and built the ‘Central Perk’ for his friends?!? What is happening?!? This guy’s SO OBSESSED with NBC’s ‘Friends’ that he’s modeled every aspect of his life off the show that’s been relegated to Netflix, all because apparently Chinese TV sucks donkey balls? My question is: is this dude living the dream or is he a potential serial killer?

Sure life would be great in NYC if you had that humongous apartment Monica got from her aunt, and had endless space for activities, and were constantly surrounded by your best friends and family. But anyone who lives in NYC knows that’s never the case. The city’s so busy and moves so fast that your best friend from college could live a 10-minute cab ride away and you might not see them for six months. And nobody lives in a world where friends just walk in and out of an apartment at will, doors are locked at all times. This ‘Friends’ world does NOT nor has it ever existed in reality. So what’s blowing my mind about this video is that these Chinese people have created based on ‘Friends’ is so far from reality it’s like they’ve taken on the role of Disney and built an amusement park in homage to a TV show.

My favorite part about this video is that they still filmed a replica of the worst opening credits in television history:

I’m still curious though: living the dream or serial killer? Answers down below in the comments!

[tip of the hat to vice for finding and sharing this]