Fukushima Is Now Home To A HUGE Population Of Radioactive Wild Boar And I Give It A Month Before Godzilla Wakes Up



All of you bros remember what when down at Fukushima, right? If your memory is fuzzy let’s do a quick refresher before talking about the goddamn radioactive wild boar that are multiplying like rabbits. The Fukushima nuclear disaster took place back in 2011 after a tsunami caused equipment failure at the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant which ultimately led to three nuclear meltdowns and the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986. Only Fukushima and Chernoby have been given the ‘Level 7’ classification on the International Nuclear Event Scale, naming them as the most disastrous nuclear events in history.

You’d think that after a nuclear event of that scale took place that the wildlife population in that area would be decimated, but you’d be wrong. What ends up happening in these situations is after the nuclear disaster all of the human beings flee, leaving the lands deserted. This allows rogue populations of animals to take over and flourish without pressure from hunters, deforestation, or urban development. At the bottom of this post I’ve included a video about the radioactive wolves of Chernobyl but before you watch that you should know that there is some hunting going in there, so if you can’t handle that then the Wolves of Chernobyl video might not be for you…But let’s get back to the goddamn radioactive wild boar, shall we?

via The Independent:

A quarantine zone near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant where a 2011 meltdown leaked radioactive material into the surrounding countryside has been uninhabited by humans since the disaster.
However, boars remained in the area, unchecked by humans. Their precise number is unknown, but since 2014, the number of boars hunted has increased from 3,000 to 13,000, The Times reported.
The damage to local farms beyond the quarantine zone caused by the boars has correspondingly increased, amounting to ¥98 million (£620,000) since the accident.
The animals are now being killed faster than they can be buried.
Three mass graves, big enough for 600 boars each, are almost full in the city of Nihonmatsu, 35 miles from the nuclear plant. There is no more public land on which further mass graves can be dug.
In desperation, the authorities are resorting to using incinerators to get rid of the corpses, although it has been difficult to find the workers to chop up the remains into pieces small enough to feed into the furnaces.
In the city of Soma, a purpose-built incinerator has been developed, complete with filters to absorb any radioactive material released by its cremations. However, even this £1million operation can only dispose of three boars a day.

They go on to state that these wild boar were once a local delicacy but now they are infected with over 300 times the acceptable amount of radiation for human beings to ingest, and the locals cannot touch them with a ten foot pole (eating them is completely out of the question).

Let’s think about those numbers again real quick. It’s not like Fukushima is that big of an area, it’s 288.2 square miles, and less than two years ago it was home to only 3,000 wild boar. Now that ~290 square mile area is home to a population of 13,000 wild boar, and those wild boar are continuing to multiply like rabbits. Before long the only thing that will be able to stop this is Godzilla waking up and restoring order to the proud island of Japan.

Above I mentioned the ‘wolves of Chernobyl’ video, so here’s that if you’re interested in seeing some freaky deaky radioactive shit:

Wild Boar image courtesy of Shutterstock.com

P.s., I was right, Godzilla has woken:

(h/t Gizmodo via The Independent)