Little Bro Finds His Brother’s YouTube Channel With A Glorious Video Chock Full Of The World’s Sickest Dance Moves

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I’m not even really sure how to describe this video. Aside from mentioning that they might’ve included every single effect offered in Final Cut X in this video, and the fact that I thank my lucky Stars and Stripes that when I was in high school we only had flip phones and didn’t have to deal with the embarrassing aftermath of videos on social media…well, there’s not much else I can say. I guess I could mention that this video contains some of the hottest dance moves ever seen on the Internet, and that there’s not a damn thing in these clips that these bros should be ashamed of because I’d trade a quarter of my right testicle for rhythm and dance moves as silky smooth as those (FACT: I have no rhythm, I cannot dance). But I don’t want to spoil too much here, so watch the video and share it with all your bros, and if you have footage as awesome as this be sure to share it with me down below in the comments and I just might feature it here on BroBible.

This video came by way of Reddit, the content aggregator who recently let their interim CEO (Chairman Pao) go after she tried to bring the ban hammer down on the site’s freedom of speech. You all know Reddit, it’s that place where Lil Dicky‘s short-lived career began (True Story: I was actually the first person ever to submit a video of his thanks to my ladyfriend who went to college with him at U. of Richmond), and it’s also the place where you can find an endless treasure trove of ‘Shaq Holding Things‘.

Well, the content aggregator (I’m stilling talking about Reddit) that overtook Digg after Silicon Valley failure Kevin Rose tanked his Digg 2.0 is the platform that this dude’s little bro took to in his quest to unleash his older brother’s embarrassing YouTube videos upon the world. The only catch is that these videos aren’t embarrassing at all. These bros put out an amazing product. And in all likelihood the little brother who took to Reddit to try and embarrass his older brother just hasn’t reached a point in life yet where he’s comfortable with making an ass out of himself in the name of comedy. He’ll get there, we all do.

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