This Is Why You Should ALWAYS Proofread Your Work Emails — Office Manager Sends Hilariously Offensive Email

Full disclosure, I’ve actually been sitting on this story/picture for several weeks now because I wanted things to blow over at work for this person. In most corporate settings, if you were to send this email to everyone at your company you’d be fired on the spot. Thankfully, this bro’s boss has enough of a sense of humor to recognize that 1) this is abso-fucking-lutely hilarious and 2) everybody makes mistakes.

Now, let me paint the scenario for you:

The bro who sent this email is an office manager in NYC. He was planning a potluck lunch for Valentine’s Day and was encouraging everyone to bring a home cooked item. In order to get everyone amped up for the lunch, he Googled something along the lines of ‘funny Valentine’s Day cookies’ and grabbed the first image he found off of Google Images. He then uploaded that picture and emailed it to everyone in his company without looking closely at what it said on the heart shaped cookies. Shortly after sending the email this bro was contacted by the company’s President and HR, alerting him that they needed to have a very serious chat.

Now that time’s elapsed and everyone’s ready to laugh at this I’m sharing it with you bros. Look very closely at what it says on those little heart-shaped cookies:

funny office manager email


‘your dick smells weird’….’wrong hole dude’….’keep calm and suck my dick’….’you need to trim’…’Less talkie, more sucky’… These are just a few of the things written on those cookies.

Let this be a lesson to anyone with a job: ALWAYS PROOFREAD YOUR EMAILS before sending them to your entire company. Even a tiny typo makes you look incompetent when your entire company’s reading it. This? This makes you look fucking hilarious, but that might not always be what you want in your office setting. Thankfully, this story ended with everyone going about their business.

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