10 Funny Things to Look Up on Urban Dictionary

Apple (photo above)

Hold on, we have a badass over here! That's right, step out of line and the apple will kick your ass!

Brosama Bin Laden

The chances are you all know a “Brosama Bin Laden.” He's probably named John or Steve too.

Doping the Hamster

“Dude, I'm bored; there's nothing to do around here!” “Man, I have some ecstasy; do you fancy “doping the hamster?”” “Doping the what?” “Basically, shoving it up your ass.” “Okay, I can't see why I would have a problem with that.”


What do you get when you cross a douche and a baguette? A nightmare that's what. What in the world is that thing?

Spastic Eagle

Are you a female? Do you have four male friends who are up for anything? Have you longed to be an eagle? If you answered yes to all of these questions, we have a treat for you!


This is the ultimate in raging! There is nothing to justify having to record the entire concert through your phone while all along the person behind might as well not have turned up.


Are you not enjoying work? The chances are you masturbate quite a lot if you don't. So why not have a week off from tugging your willy and your mood towards work will surely improve… won't it?


The chances are your will have “Charzarded” your girlfriend. What, you haven't? But you love her, right? Whoa! It's probably best to stop what you are doing and go charzard her.

Quiz Jizz

“Dude, you have a little bit of something on the side of your mouth.” “Oh, that's my Quiz jizz!” “Your what?” “Quiz jizz!” “Man, please tell me why I keep insisting on hanging around with you?”

Tony Danza

How does that Elton John song go now? Oh, that's right: “hold me closer, Tony Danza!” “Honey, do you want to have sex? I have an idea we can try”.

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