This Funny Video Shows What Your Real Facebook ‘Look Back’ Would Look Like

by 4 years ago


In honor of its 10th anniversary, Facebook released a video tailored just for you called “A Look Back,” which you may have seen earlier this week. The video tried to deliver the highlights of your years spent on Facebook—your most popular posts, your most important moments—and it seemed to work with varying success.

If, for instance, one of your most liked pictures was of an elephant taking a dump at the zoo, Facebook would include that right up there with your graduating college. In related news, my Look Back includes elephant shit.

For all its good intentions, though, Facebook’s video did gloss over some of the most time-consuming parts of being on Facebook: dealing with what Facebook throws at you. Every privacy request. Every Farmville invite. Every sponsored post. Zuck’s gotta make those billions, and this more realistic Look Back video shows how he does it.

[H/T: Daily Dot]


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