Wanna Know How A Gamma Ray Burst Could Wreck This Planet Up?

There are lots of shit in the universe that could fuck up the planet: Asteroids, Aliens, and that’s just the things that begin with the letter A.

But nothing in the universe could fuck up the planet nearly as much as a Gamma Ray burst. That’s because, for starters, they’re pretty much the strongest thing in the universe, which yea, includes The Mountain from Game of Thrones and Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger. (Remember how strong he was in Cliffhanger?)

None of those dudes, swole as they be, have anything on a Gamma Ray burst. Because a Gammy Ray burst releases as much energy in one instance as the sun does in its entire life span.

Think about fucking that. They would wreck up this place right good. How do they happen, though, and would they ever hit us? Well, our favorite smart topics for dumb dudes YouTube channel, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, examines the topic.

Spoiler: One may have already hit us, causing the entire ocean to go extinct.

That I’m onboard with.

[Via Motherboard]

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