Gas Prices Are Under $1 Per Gallon In This State And That’s Just Plain Unfair

Well, this is just unfair. Especially given the fact that I drove some 600+ miles from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and back this weekend, filling my tank up for what was probably an average of $2.20 a gallon. And even that felt relatively cheap until I saw the following tweet.

Somewhere, the Staples guy is yelling “WOW, THAT’S A LOW PRICE,” even though his industry is totally non sequitur, because goddamn this is the cheapest gas you’re ever likely to find. My fellow editor David Covucci says he could’ve filled his old ’96 Toyota Corolla up for less than $10. The whole damn tank!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That sign actually reads $0.78 per gallon. SEVENTY-EIGHT CENTS!

That's A Low Price Staples

Effectively, this even means I could fill my tank up for less than $15. At about 400 miles per tank, that’s a goddamn bargain. Like, $.03 a mile kind of bargain.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering where the hell this is if you only skimmed over the above tweet, and the answer to that is Michigan. Yup, home to the American automotive industry. I’m sure your next question is “But how can gas prices really be that cheap?” and for that, a local Fox affiliate has you covered with the scoop. says several stations in Houghton Lake, Michigan have lowered their prices under $1 per gallon, in what appears to be a price war.

According to GasBuddy it appears these stations are currently the first stations in the country to see prices under $1 per gallon in years. As the situation unfolds, it’s possible these stations re-raise prices back over $1/gallon.

A price of 78 cents per gallon was recorded at Beacon & Bridge Market while 95 cents per gallon was recorded at the Marathon in Houghton Lake. Prices were verified by GasBuddy after a review of photographs uploaded to GasBuddy’s app.

Ummmmm, so any gas stations in my neck of the woods feel like engaging in a price war? Please? Because I can’t remember seeing sub-one dollar gas since I was about 10-years-old. Even below $2 right now would be a great reprieve (not that I’m complaining because even that is cheap AF), but $0.78 is just outright absurd.

Get it while it’s hot, Michigan!!!

[via Fox 2 Detroit h/t Someecards]

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