General Mills To Dominate The Cereal Beer Game With Count Chocula Beer

by 4 years ago

It was only last week when Cass informed you that there would be a Wheaties beer. General Mills, who makes the Breakfast of Champions, is partnering with Minneapolis’ Fulton Brewery to release a limited edition ‘HefeWheaties’ beer. Now there is more plans with cereal beer domination because they are going to help make Count Chocula beer!

Last year, craft brewer Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado bought the entire inventory of Count Chocula from two grocery stores. The brewery gobbled up the entire town’s supply of Count Chocula to make their limited edition ghoulish Halloween brew.

Well General Mills didn’t want the folks in Fort Collins to go another October without all that chocolatey marshmallowy breakfast goodness, so they have once again partnered with a brewery to transform their cereal into a strange brew. The cereal manufacturer is sending the brewery they very own supply of Count Chocula.

The Black Bottle Brewery has a line of cereal-inspired beers called “Cerealiously.” These include the Count Chocula adaption as well as “Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch,” their alcoholic take on Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

They even have a Lucky Charms-inspired beer, which I assume is magically delicious.

But why stop there? If we’re going to do cereal-infused beers let’s DO CEREAL-INFUSED BEERS! Let’s fuck shit up! Let’s get a Rice Krispies beer, and the slogan can be “Snap, Crackle, Hops.” Let’s get a Frosted Flakes beer, and the slogan can be, “Brings out the tiger in you, in you!” Great for shy guys who need a liquid courage, just keep it away from Tiger Woods. Let’s get a Life cereal beer, and the spokesperson could be Michael Phelps with the slogan of “Mikey likes it, just look at his driving record!” We may need to lay off an All Bran-inspired beer though, you’d be breaking both seals right after drinking it.


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