Top General Warns Of World War III, Which He Believes Could Happen ‘Within A Few Years’

A top general has warned that World War III could come “within a few years.” The scariest part is that this disturbing prophecy is that it isn’t coming from a warmongering nation, it comes from Sweden, one of the world’s most peaceful countries.

The chief of the Swedish army, Major General Anders Brännström, warned of the grim prognostication in a statement:

The global situation we are experiencing and which is also made clear by the strategic decision leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years. For us in the army we have to, with all force we can muster, implement the political decisions.”

Let me remind you that this is coming from Sweden, a neutral country that avoided World War I and World II. In fact, Sweden hasn’t been in a war in over 200 years, dating back to the War of the Sixth Coalition, which involved Napoleon and ended in 1814.

“One can draw parallels with the 1930s. A great uncertainty and [political] dynamics which then led to a great war,” Mr. Sunshiney Optimism said. “That time we managed to keep out. But it is not at all certain we could succeed this time.”

“The requirement of our ability to perform armed combat against a skilled opponent was clear, and this in context of the objective to create a front line against military attack and defend Sweden,” Brännström said.

Skilled opponent would eliminate ISIS, and would most likely put onus on Russia, which has been rather aggressively lately including annexing Crimea in the Ukraine and flying fighter jets in and near Turkish airspace.

“We should be aware that we are continuously being exposed to intelligence gathering and campaigns. We also know that areas in our region, the Baltic and increasingly the Arctic, constitute areas of friction between Russia and the West,” General Brännström said.

This would also parallel the thinking that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists had in keeping the symbolic doomsday clock at three minutes to midnight, which means the world remains all too close to nuclear destruction or self-obliteration of other means.

So you should probably forget about putting money in your 401K and not worry about ruining your liver for when you’re 76-years-old since we’re apparently headed to the end of civilization.

Have a super weekend!

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