Genius Kid Saves Up His Money To Give His Dad The Best Christmas Present That Chokes Him Up

by 2 years ago

The ole adage is, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Giving is awesome. Making people happy is an amazing feeling, or so I’m told. However, this proverb should be updated to reflect this kid’s genius idea, “It’s better to give shit that you can use than to receive.”

This 11-year-old boy named Mason allegedly saved up all his money over the past few months in order to give his dear ole dad an impressive Christmas gift. Mason wraps the special Xmas gift in several boxes including pots and pans.

Finally, the father named Mike gets to the actual present – a PS4.

“Mike, just so you know, he saved up all his money to buy you this, every single penny,” Mason’s mother says. “That’s why he asked for money for his birthday, so he could buy you this.”

How much do 11-year-olds get for their birthdays these days? A new PS4 is $250. I was born at the wrong time.

“You made me cry,” the dad say before giving his son a big hug.

This is quite the generous gift. But let’s be honest, this kid wanted a PS4. Why not get all the kudos and viral video goodness and come off as a hero son by giving your dad a gift that you totally want. Bravo Mason. You played this perfectly. Let’s hope the kid doesn’t overuse this fantastic ploy in the years to come – “Dad, I got you this fleshlight.”

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