George Lopez Calls Heckler A ‘B*tch’ And Tells Her ‘Get The F*ck Out Of Here’ After She Objected To His Joke

George Lopez found himself in a world of controversy on Wednesday after a video of him berating a heckler went viral. The comedian was the #1 trending topic on Twitter because he lashed out at an audience member who objected to one of his racially-charged jokes.

Lopez was performing standup on Saturday night in Phoenix when he made this joke.

“There are only two rules in the Latino family, don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.”

A woman in the audience was offended and gave Lopez the middle finger.

Lopez then scolded the woman.

“Sit your fucking ass down! Sit your fucking ass down! I’m talking, bitch. You paid to see a show. So sit your fucking ass down! You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherfucking place. You have two choices, shut the fuck up or get the fuck out. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make the choice for you. Get the fuck out of here. I’ll make the choice for you. Bye. Bye. Bye.”

Eventually, the woman left with her friends and Lopez told the audience that four seats opened up in the front row.

Lopez answered his critics by posting a video of a heckler getting smashed by a guitar by comedian Kenny Moore back in 1990 with the caption “get on up here motherfucker ” this happens when you try to become part of the show , you catch a Ibanez to the side of the Dome.”

So Lopez seems pretty apologetic about the whole situation.