UPDATE: That Video Of A German Dude Cutting Everything In Half Is Fake



Remember last week when that German dude went bonkers and cut all of his prized possessions in half to spite his wife after a bad divorce? Yea it’s fake. Well the cutting of the cellphone, furniture, TV, bed and car was actually real, but the story of him attempting to getback at his wife is all a clever viral marketing campaign.

The video is actually a very clever marketing stunt from a German website that helps people find lawyers.

From a translated news story in the German language online magazine Suddeutsche Zeitung:

Two days later is now clear: None of this was real. There is no Martin G., no Laura and no work colleagues. In truth, it is a guerrilla marketing campaign of the German Lawyers’ information, a consumer-law portal of the German Bar Association. On Saturday, the organization expressed its commitment.

The aim was to attract more people into German law firms, so that they themselves – be advised of a possible divorce and protect legally – of course for a fee.

DAMMIT! They played me like a fucking fiddle. I was all Team Crazy German Dude. While watching the video I exuberantly screamed, “Yea cut all of your shit in half so your ex-wife can’t get any of it, but her keen lawyer will probably still sue you in court for the value of everything!”

If we can’t trust viral videos, who in this godforsaken world can we trust!?!?


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