German Dudes Fail Miserably At Opening A Beer Keg, Hilarity Ensues While All Hell Breaks Loose

In their defense, I’ve never opened a keg in Europe and might not know how to do so depending on how weird German kegs are. But in my defense, I’ll generally Google how to do something new before attempting it just to make sure I’m proceeding with caution, and thus the chances of me flooding my house with German beer at any point are minimal.

Based on the outfits of these German dudes I mistakenly gave them the benefit of the doubt in being able to tap a keg. This is a skill I learned at probably 14 or 15-years-old here in America, which while that may seem young it is probably the same age most German guys learn to tap kegs, and I can’t fathom why these jabronis can’t tap a keg when it’s something learned at such an early age.

…(h/t TastefullyOffensive)…