Australian Teenager Allowed Her Car To Roll Into A River Because There Was A Spider In It

A few days ago, we brought you a story about some guy setting his entire shed on fire because there was a spider in it. At the time, I thought it was a little excessive. You know, the guy could have simply grabbed some toilet paper in order to protect his hand when grabbing the spider and then thrown it in the toilet or something. I mean, sure, I’m not saying I’d be chomping at the bit to grab a large spider with my bare hands, but the kid from Home Alone did it, so how hard could it be? Granted, I am ignoring the fact that the kid from Home Alone became an (allegedly) drug-addled vagrant, but I’m pretty certain he wasn’t going that direction when he was a child actor. Regardless of personal convictions about MaCaulay Culkin, I’m pretty sure that no one would be happy about realizing they let their car end up in a river because they were pre-occupied by a spider.

Via Fox8:

“This is arachnophobia in the worst way. The Daily Telegraph reports that an 18-year-old teenager from Sydney, Australia, was sitting at a ramp when a huntsman spider fell from the car’s visor and into her lap. Terrified, the girl jumped out of the car and began to flail her body, attempting to get the spider off of her. As she was brushing the spider away, the car began to slowly roll forward and dove into the water.

“It was like it all happened in slow motion,” one witness said of the incident.

Once police arrived, the car had already sunk into the river and needed to be towed back to shore. After several hours, the vehicle was back on dry land. Luckily, the spider didn’t bite her.”

Time and time again, I’ve said that everything in Australia exists solely to kill. I mean, what if she had not gotten out of the car? She would have been fending off the spider and also drowning in a rapidly submerging vehicle. Honestly, I think losing your car is worse than lighting your shed on fire. At least you had complete control over that action. Diving out of a car that you forgot to apply the brakes to is less of an active decision to destroy your property and more of a lapse in decision-making. I mean, sure, if I saw a spider in Australia, I would simply assume that it was going to kill me. But I would also try to remember to throw my car in park because whether or not the spider bit me, if my car rolled into a river, I’d want to be dead.