Girl Calls Out Cheating Boyfriend On Facebook, Shit Hits The Fan When Other Girls Reply With Messages He’s Sent Them

by 4 years ago


So on one hand, I get that your immediate reaction upon finding out that your boyfriend is a complete turd who’s been hitting up chicks on Facebook for their poon is to call him out on, of course, Facebook. But at the same time…why? Like yeah you get to call him out and make him look like an ass, but why do you wanna blow your shit up all over the place? Drama is all fun and games until you realize that people will probably be talking about you for months to come since their own lives are 500x more boring and don’t even come close to comparing, but it looks like Kelly doesn’t care. Kelly just wants her now ex-boyfriend to know that she’s fully aware of the fact that he was not just in a long-term relationship with her, but with another girl as well. Hence, the photo above via Barstool.

Cue long line of Facebook comments that are pandering and stupid just for the sake of likes: