Watch This Girl Claim A Disney Manager Sexually Harassed Her For Putting A Finger In Her… Face

Welcome to Disney World, the happiest place on Earth, unless you’re this deranged lunatic. She wants to eat at the hibachi restaurant in Disney (Who doesn’t?), but she believes that she should have been announced to dine at the establishment. She claims that Disney restaurant manager Bob from Atlantic City, New Jersey has unfairly passed her over.

While arguing with the gentleman she throws an insane and unbelievable accusation at Bob. She makes this bizarre statement, “Well you were putting your fingers in my face, so that’s sexual harassment.” Umm. Does she call her pussy a “face” or incorrectly think that her breasts are her face because that’s the only two possibilities that I can think of that would make this a sexual harassment case.

Legitimate claims of sexual harassment must always be taken seriously, but this nutjub is just making dangerous false claims because she didn’t get her teriyaki chicken and wasn’t able to see a flaming volcano made out of a stack of onions.

Talk about be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test.