Turns Out That Girl Justin Bieber Creeped On Via Instagram Is Only 17-Years-Old And 100% Not Legal To Bang The Beebz

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The other day we told you about how Justin Bieber is now using Instagram to get laid and posted a photo of a girl with the caption “Omg who is this!!”, and then YESTERDAY we told you about how the Internet legitimately figured out who the girl was…

…and today we’re here to tell you she apparently isn’t even legal. As in Justin Bieber was creeping on a 17-year-old girl who he can’t even fuck because she’s not 18.

Normally I would say “bummer,” but I don’t want to be creepy either so I’ll just leave it at that. According to Daily Mail,

A young woman, going by the Instagram name ‘wolfiecindy’, admitted she was overwhelmed by the attention she received after the singer posted her image on his own account on Monday, while she told fans on her Tumblr account she is 17 and lives in Spain.

The Canadian demanded to know the identity of a mystery girl he spotted on Instagram as he uploaded an image of her, who bears a striking resemblance to Russian model Irina Shayk, then pleaded with his fans to help him track her down.

… On what is believed to be the same girl’s Tumblr account, also under the name ‘wolfiecindy’, the brunette claims she turned 17 years old last month and is from Spain.

So she’s BARELY even 17…although the age of consent in Spain is 16. Pretty sure that doesn’t matter though, since if you’re over the age of 18 and decide to stick your dick into some illegal poon it counts as statutory rape. Maybe. Possibly. I’m not a lawyer so don’t take my word for it, I got my law degree from watching Law and Order: SVU on Netflix.

Euros be trippin’.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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