Girl Learns A Harsh Lesson That Getting Drunk And Stalking A Boyfriend’s Ex On Facebook Don’t Mix

Social media and alcohol don’t mix. I don’t know how many life-altering gaffes have to be made for people to realize to never ever go on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram when you’re plastered. If you haven’t gotten the message not to mix the two, here’s another sad reminder.

Reddit user fckasx2 confessed on subreddit r/TIFU (Today I Fucked Up) how stalking an ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend went terribly, terribly awry. The title of this unfortunate tale is “TIFU when I tried to facebook creep my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.”

She begins to tell her embarrassing mistake.

“Today, well early AM, I fucked up and got super wasted and tried to search for my bf’s ex on fb, but when I typed in her name, nothing came up.”

She continued her quest.

“I searched over and over and nothing.”

She could easily be spelling the name incorrectly, but it turns out to be something far worse.

“This evening, I see that I had posted her name all over my wall.”

She didn’t notice her fuck-up until the next day and was not too thrilled.

“Kill me.”

Alcohol and Facebook don’t mix!