Girl Live-Streams Nightmare Tinder Date After Guy Says They Have A Boat, Then 15 More Tinder Chicks Show Up For The Ride

There are two sides to every story: on one end, this guy probably thought he was pulling a giant #POWERMOVE by inviting 15 Tinder dates onto the boat (it’s not even his boat, it was a rental) at the same time. On the other end, Kayla Hutch was PISSED. What was supposed to be a romantic date on a boat on Lake Michigan turned into the lamest orgy you’ll ever see: i.e. no nudity, no fucking, just a lot of drunk people in swimsuits.

“Six months ago I went on Tinder and matched with Adam,” Kayla explains in her Facebook live stream, “He’s been messaging me and texting me for six months and I haven’t been responding until he said there was a boat. The first girl I met, said: ‘How do you know Adam?’ She said, ‘We met on Tinder.’ Now I’m stuck here for five hours.”

All things considered, being stuck on a boat with free booze isn’t that bad. Make lemonade outta lemons Kayla, and take it for what it’s worth: a free boat ride with open bar. That’s not so bad, is it?

“He’s making out with a very pretty Brazilian girl. But he told me, ‘It’s ok, don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s not awkward.”

…Okay maybe it’s a little bad. But you ain’t dead, you ain’t kidnapped and you on a boat. Quit bitchin’.

Kayla eventually made it back to shore, albeit by bribing a passing boat to take her back to the docks for $100 since she can’t swim – but upon checking her Facebook again, she found that she’d been hit with accusations of being a “gold digger” for only agreeing to hang out with Adam after he mentioned he had a boat. “To address some of the comments on the other posts, I don’t believe I was being a gold digger,” she explained, “it was Adam’s cousin who rented the boat. Adam works at a bar. I also recently took a 20% pay cut to work as a mental health practitioner with homeless populations, I’m not concerned about money.”

She does turn the outing’s sentiment around in the end, however, by noting that “Hopefully this can be a moment of humanity and a learning lesson for all of us. Heck, I’ve already signed up for swim lessons at the YMCA!”

[H/T Daily Mail]