When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go. And She Had To Go…On Live TV

Which is the worst case scenario: peeing your pants on live TV or accidentally sharting during a TV interview? With the former, which took place in the clip above, you really can’t hide the face that it just happened. But if you’ve got a friendly camera guy he can crop the shot so that nobody sees that you’re incontinent. With the latter, sharting, nobody’s going to see your soiled pantaloons unless it’s an interview where you’re moving around, but chances are the noise of that shart got picked up by the microphones. Not to mention the fact that the second you’ve sharted your face is going to give you away. You’ll know what you’ve done, your face will show what you’ve done, and the whole world will know what you’ve done when that clip his 100 million views on YouTube. So, bros, peeing your pants or sharting on live TV? Answers down below in the comments (feel free to be as descriptive as possible). This is a SERIOUS question, so I expect SERIOUS answers from you bros.

What really chafes my arse about this clip is the fact that she totally said she had to run for Mayor of Wiztown, and the reporter just wouldn’t let her leave. That girl didn’t need to pee her pants on live TV, though there’s always she chance she did it as some sort of a prank, because that’s definitely something kids do.

For the life of me I can’t remember why he did it, but back in 10th grade I had a friend who pissed his pants in the Sarasota High School cafeteria as some sort of practical joke (he didn’t get in trouble after telling the principal it was apple juice). So there is a very real chance that this girl somehow thought this was some sort of a stunt. If it was a stunt this girl deserves an award for having the world’s best bladder control, because there’s no chance in hell I’d be able to piss while giving an interview on live TV. But if this was all a tragic accident then no awards should be given, she should not pass GO, she should not collect $200.

Is it so wrong that I’m just happy this clip didn’t take place in Florida, and further besmirch my beloved Sunshine State?

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