Girl Goes Scorched Earth On Navy Sailor She Found Out Was Cheating On Her, Gets Him Kicked Out Of Navy And WORSE



I’m all about respecting people who’ve given their time and energy to serve our country — but this guy? At the very least he’s making it hard for me to give a shit about how his life took a complete 180° at the drop of a hat. According to Redditor sayonarascream, once she found out this unnamed sailor was cheating on her with not just one, not two, but MULTIPLE girls — well, let’s just say shit hit the fan:

My mother always warned me to never date a sailor and the one time I did I, found out why. He was a cheater with a girl in every port and I just happen to be his girlfriend in the city he was currently lived in.

I knew he was separated from his wife (saw the docs) and going through a divorce. He had a fiancée stationed in South Africa. He had a girlfriend in his Dad’s hometown (2 hours away), a girlfriend in his Mom’s hometown and I was the girl at his duty station.

I was the girl he went to concerts and bars with, fed his pet snakes when he had to go out to sea, and paid his bills. I had met his mother and he introduced me as his girlfriend to his base buddies that we went clubbing with.

I thought I was the only one. He had multiple email accounts to communicate with each girl, but his computer saved them so I knew they existed but the only one I ever checked was the financial one. I had suspicions about the girl in his Mom’s hometown and randomly clicked on one of the other accounts.

I went full on psycho when I found out and the fucker screwed up by trusting me with his email and financial passwords.

I forwarded every email where he talked about getting high or buying weed to his Commanding Officer.

I then forwarded all the emails from him to all the girls. Every girl got to know what a cheating fucker he was. I literally flooded their inboxs. Every email he every sent me, they got.

I sent everything to his soon to be ex wife. She was beyond thrilled to have the ammo for their divorce.

I then changed all the passwords and security questions to his financial accounts.

I then returned his key to his roommate (he was out to sea at the time), who apologized to me for not telling me about scumbag boyfriend. Roommate then tried to fuck me but I wasn’t that psycho to revenge fuck his roommate.

I deleted his contact info from my phone and computer and changed my number, once I calmed down did I realize that I had gone pyscho and had probably ruined his military career and his personal life.

This was hands down the worst thing I have ever did to another person and I am by no means proud of it. It was a very spiteful, vindictive malicious thing to do and I can blame it on “feeling betrayed and bring blinded by rage” but that would be a cop-out. I was very much in the wrong. I took it way too far and I deserve the bad karma.

I did give the change passwords to his ex-wife when I forwarded the emails, what she did with them I don’t know.

Yeah, maybe that was a little much — but if you were gutsy enough and had all the same dirt she did, can you say you would’ve done any differently?

[Via Reddit]

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