The Cereal You’ve Been Dreaming Of For Decades Is About To Launch: Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

In an effort to prove that 2016 isn’t complete and total garbage the Girl Scouts of America are finally giving the people what they want, a Girl Scout Cookies Cereal. Actually, it will be a line of cereals because they’re launching multiple flavors. This comes on the tail of the Girl Scouts of America announcing that they’ll also be dropping a new cookie flavor next year, S’mores.

Here are the two cookie cereal flavors that the Girl Scouts of America will be releasing this January:


Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch will headline the Girl Scouts’ first foray into the world of cereal. It was reported first on Instagram by @candyhunting (the Instagram account above), and it was corroborated earlier this morning on NBC’s TODAY Show as well as over on BuzzFeed.

I can’t imagine ever eating this cereal for breakfast because I’d feel like a complete fucking slob eating crystallized candy cookies for my first meal of the day but as a late night snack? Sure.

If you missed the announcement of the new Girl Scouts Cookies flavors you can catch this preview here:

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