Girl Sends Selfie To Family Group Text, Panics Realizing There’s Two Dildos In The Background And LOL It Gets Worse

What do you keep in your bathroom?





How about…two vibrating dildos sitting on the back of your toilet?

According to Imgur user ohfudgemocha, the image above is of his sister, who sent the same picture into his family’s group text to show off how “on fleet” her hair was for her interview. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a girl, it’s not to get your hair done while wearing a hooded sweatshirt because it fucks everything up when you try and pull it off. Gotta wear loose clothes, you know what I mean?

What does that really have to do with anything? Well it shows you that ohfudgemocha’s sister isn’t that bright in the first place, which would explain how she let herself send that selfie into a family group text:

Realizing what a fuck up she’d done, she immediately texted ohfudgemocha to tell him to spam the group conversation upwards so that her parents wouldn’t see her sex toys:

“Lol how dare you” translates roughly to “Whatever I don’t care as long as mom doesn’t see it and start gossiping to her gardening club about what I do with all…literally, ALL of my spare time.”

As for the aftermath, ohfudgemocha’s sister’s dildos have been viewed over 150,000 times and are well on their way to going viral. They’ve also inspired a slew of comments such as:

[Via Imgur]