Girl Tries Sharing A Sexy Selfie But All The Internet Cares About Is Her Insanely Filthy Room

by 4 years ago

Remember back in January when a girl shared a sexy selfie on Twitter and it went viral because her room looked like a junk yard blew up in it?

Welp, we’ve got another one on our hands, but at least this time there don’t appear to be any rats roaming around (that we can see…yet).

Twitter user @_shelbizzle was feeling the nice spring weather so she decided to share a sexy shot of herself wearing a nice little sundress.

Sweet, uh, “curtains.”

As always, once the photo began to spread online Twitter had many thoughts, most of them hilarious.

However, in this case, our messy room savant fired right back at a few of the haters, even saying that her “closet broke” as if that would somehow slow down the comments.

Ah, much better.

H/T Mirror

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