This Scary Vid Of Girl Almost Running Over Ex After Trashing His Car Shows Why You Don’t Stick Your Dick In Crazy

Wow. Good news is this guy survived almost getting run over. Bad news, his car did not survive.

Here’s a little more info from the YouTube description:

Crazy Boston girl goes HAM after being curved for being disrespectful to her man!!! Young Wild, CEO of RaresNoSquares Lifestyle Brand, is inches away from being fatally flattened by crazy girl and her ML320 Mercedes-Benz!!! Is she cooked or nah???

When she comes up and he runs inside the house, I was ready for the door to get kicked down like on an episode of Cops.

If anything does end up happening to this guy, this video will stand as exhibit A in the trial. As in “AAAAA you crazy, girl?!?!?”

Here’s the TL;DR GIF version…

Girl Smashing Car

[via Reddit]