Scorned Girlfriend Torches Cheating Ex-Boyfriend By Plastering Brutal Flyers All Over Campus

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or so the saying goes, and the was certainly the case here.

While walking to the library at California Polytechnic State University a Reddit user noticed an odd flyer for a “Lost Dog.” In fact, he notice a whopping 11 OF THEM along the way.

Only the “Dog” in question wasn’t a dog at all, but obviously her ex-boyfriend who had apparently cheated on her. Needless to say, once you read it, it’s pretty obvious she was NOT happy about it.

Wow, talk about roasted. If I were this guy I’d go all Kanye West like when Amber Rose dropped her assplay comments about him on Twitter and just deny, deny, deny.

Then again, she may have just alerted a whole bunch of ladies on campus to a guy who does a certain thing that they really enjoy. He could be rolling in trim now for all I know. Either way, well played, scorned ex-girlfriend, well played. I don’t think after this any boyfriends will be cheating on you in the future.

H/T Some eCards; Angry woman image by Shutterstock

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