Meet The Girls Who Make A Living By Eating And Farting On Webcams For Dudes Like You And I

Feedee (noun): A sexual fetish for being fed and gaining weight. Often for the enjoyment of dudes on the internet who pay to watch Feedee’s eat, burp, and fart in a state of undress.

I was recently blown away by a couple stories I stumbled upon that profile the lives Sarah Reign and Tammy Jung (video below), two members of the Feedee community who gorge food for sexual gratification, and the men who pay money to watch the girls do unnatural things with food products. I’m no chef, but I’m pretty sure butter is intended to be spread on bagels, not the robust stomachs of girls who are performing for horny men on the internet.

I first read about the professional life of Sarah Reign, a 26-year-old New York woman who earns up to $1,500 a month to let men watch her stuff her face with fast food while dressed scantily. She claims that the fans love to watch her gorge and that she’s eaten a whole chocolate cake in one session, per client request. She’s also admitted to lathering her stomach in butter and covering her entire body in chocolate sauce.

Reign has the ability to fart on demand for her clients and has sold her used underwear online to the highest bidder on several occasions.

Sarah says her most common request is for her to act like a pig for her clients’ amusement.

“I have a piggy nose and ears that I wear and eat really messily in, covering my face with chocolate. But when the camera’s off, I’m a clean freak and put my bra and the towels I use to cover the floor straight in the washing machine.”

Vice’s food channel MUNCHIES sent a correspondent to detail the day-to-day of Tammy Jung in the video below, whose goal is to become as fat as she can to increase her value in the Feedee community. She plans to achieve this by funneling pints of chocolate milk and eating obscene amounts of Swiss Cake Rolls, Twinkies, and entire pizzas in one sitting. Her boyfriend (proudly labeled a Feeder) supports her wholeheartedly, and together they have made close to 300 sexually-charged videos for the amusement of their viewers and for their own financial benefit.

This makes me feel really good about drowning in student loans. If my high school guidance counselor had just done her job and told me that the Feedee profession existed, I would have never enrolled in college to begin with. I would be parked in front of a webcam filling my belly button with chocolate sauce stuffing Hot Pockets into my face hole, living out my passions.  This life is all about playing to your strengths, kids. Don’t let anyone ever tell you your farts are worthless.

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