Three Girls Catfished ISIS Into Sending Them $3,300 In Travel Expenses, And I Know How I’m Funding Spring Break 2016

Three young women from Chechnya are being heralded worldwide as visionaries after they successfully ‘catfished’ recruitment services of the terrorist state ISIS into sending them $3,300 for travel expenses to Syria to join the Islamic State. While ISIS has been catfished in the past by men (possibly the Princes of Nigeria) this is believed to be the first time that a group of chicks made away with that Islamic State $$$$$. And I don’t know about you bros, but I’m pretty sure that this sounds like a viable career path that Uncle Sam would approve of: sitting at you computer all day, pretending to be a woman, catfishing ISIS into sending you thousands of dollars at a time to move to Syria.

Upon getting the $3,300 from ISIS that was earmarked for travel to Syria they immediately extracted the funds and shut down their bank accounts. So what’s the catch? Well, since this is Chechnya (also a hot bed for terrorists) the girls are for some reason being investigated for fraud…. Yes, the Russian government (Chechnya’s a subject of Russia) thinks that these girls who duped the most batshit crazy terrorists in the world into giving them over three grand are somehow worthy of investigation.

RT News reports:

Chechen police have detained three female con artists who talked fighters of the terrorist group Islamic State into sending them money for traveling to Syria.
The young women turned the tables on Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) by using their primary recruitment tool, social media, against them. Russia’s predominantly Muslim Chechen Republic is a prime target for Islamic State propagandists, who call on young men and women to join their cause and travel to the Middle East to become join their jihadist campaign.
But with the Chechen girls apparently the joke was on Islamic State, as they made a business of meeting recruiters online and pretending to be eager to go to Syria. The only obstacle, they said, was the lack of travel money, which the recruiters were often willing to provide. Once the money was sent via anonymous electronic transfers, the swindlers would simply cash the money and delete the social media account used in the con.
The three-girl operation managed swindle some $3,300 from Islamic State recruiters before being caught by a Chechen police E unit specializing in monitoring online activities for evidence of crimes, Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reported.

If I was single I’d happily toss one of these girls a green card marriage for their services.

As a global community (and especially in the US) we’ve been very, very slow in realizing just how much of a threat the Islamic State (located in Syria) poses to the world. If you haven’t yet read up on just how insane this group is, their almost unfathomable goals, and how they are preparing for the actual apocalypse…Well, I highly suggest you read this long-form piece from The Atlantic’s Graeme Wood on ‘What ISIS Really Wants‘….It’s some scary sh*t. They legitimately believe they will meet the Roman armies on the battlefield (they have a specific battlefield named), and that Jesus (their 2nd most revered prophet) will swoop in and save them somehow just before the apocalypse.

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