These Girls Earn Over $25,000 A Month From Posting Photos Of Their Giant Surgically-Enhanced Butts On Instagram

Nadia and Dana Bruna, both 30, are two women who have learned that with an outrageous amount of plastic surgery you too can achieve your dreams…but only if those dreams involve taking photos of yourself on Instagram. You can’t get a nose job and become a mechanical engineer, but you can get a butt augmentation and wind up with a million followers on Insta.

Originally from Miami, Florida, the duo had to transfer three kilograms of fat from other areas on their bodies in order to get their bums to become the size they are today. Measuring in at over a meter in thickness, Nadia and Dana take up to 150 selfies of their butt every day and say that they have “the most famous bottoms on Instagram”:

‘We’ve had a lot of work offers because of it. We are the selfie queens and we’ve made a successful business out if it.’

…Nadia said: ‘Our bottoms were already fatty. We always had bottom – it was never a difficulty to have bottom, but six months ago we did a fat transfer with a really good doctor in Columbia and it has given us a positively perfect one.

‘We did the fat transfer because we are vain. We are vain women and the more surgery you have the more you want.’

Dana added: ‘We were blessed with having a curvy body because of Latin and Brazilian blood, So it’s easy for us to keep the bottom well-toned.’(via)

The twins have had their share of online haters, although Dana says that they “feel very secure about who we are as people. We are upright citizens and clever women. One thing is what we show in Instagram and another is our private and personal life. This is a business – our image is a business. Our body is a work company like any other.”

As for future plans, Nadia tells Daily Mail that they’ll “keep modeling while we can because this is what we like to do and we know we also have talent,” however they do plan to expand their business since their looks won’t last forever.

No shit ladies – when these asses reach 60 they’re gonna droop like titties on the National Geographic channel:

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