This Spoof Of Girls’ Morning Routine Shows How Over-Complicated Girls Make Everything

I’m a girl and I can admit that I overcomplicate everything. Let me give you an example.

Situation: A girl is planning to drive down the block to visit a friend.

This is the thought process:
“Okay, so it takes 5 minutes to drive 3 blocks. But there’s a stop sign after every block, so that adds like, 30 seconds to the drive? Maybe? And I have to make sure to leave right after Dr. Oz ends or else I’ll interrupt the show and I don’t want to make her have to answer the door during a commercial break. That’d be annoying. So I should leave at approximately 3:27 pm EST if I want to arrive at 3:31, right after the show ends, assuming that the weather driving-acceptable and that she’s not in the bathroom.”

Or, y’know, YOU COULD JUST GO. See how complicated that is for no reason whatsoever? The same goes for the instructional YouTube videos chicks upload. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You’ll see.