‘Girly Drinks Vs. Manly Drinks’ Will Make You Wonder Why You Love Whiskey So Damn Much



I firmly believe that whiskey is the jet-fuel nectar of the gods. It is distilled testosterone gravy that makes your balls bigger and chest hairy. It is fucking delicious. But bad whiskey, like the nameless shit that’s one the shelve below Old Grand-Dad, Famous Grouse, and Canadian Mist? I’d rather drink bilge water, because that vile swill is nasty.

When you really think about it, gender stereotypes when it comes to boozing are kind of funny. There are so-called “manly” drinks like Makers Mark on the rocks and so called “girly” drinks like — *cringe* — sangria and appletinis. This video breaks down just how ridiculous these stereotypes are.

Drink whatever the hell firewater gets you to level up and tastes delicious. Not because it makes you a man or makes you a girl. Stay thirsty…

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