Man Launches GoFundMe To Raise $46 MILLION To Buy A Ski Resort ‘For The Good Of America’ And Hasn’t Raised A Dime

When Utah’s 13,000-acre Wasatch Peaks Ranch hit the market entrepreneur Mac Jaehnert saw it as an opportunity to purchase a ski resort with more terrain than Colorado’s Vail Mountain, so Mac launched a GoFundMe to try and raise the $46 MILLION DOLLARS needed to purchase it. It’s now been six days since Mac Jaehnert launched his GoFundMe campaign and while he hasn’t raised a single penny yet he’s certainly garnered a lot of attention. Which makes sense, because it’s not every day that someone’s ambitious enough to try and go crowdfund a ski resort for themselves to the tune of $46 million.

Currently there are only a handful of comments on Mac’s GoFundMe page, but the comments on there are priceless:

There’s really not much information AT ALL on Mac’s GoFundMe page aside from the following:

This awesome ski area is for sale and we would like to buy it but are collectively short 46 million dollars. Let’s make it happen for the good of America.

I’m all about doing things for ‘the good of America’, but throwing Money Mac’s way to that he can own a luxury ski resort in Utah (for valued at $46 million) seems like an investment that’s going to require slightly more than someone telling me to do something for the good of America.

As for the 13,000 acre Wasatch Peaks Ranch in Utah carrying the price tag of $46 million, the DenverPost has a write up on what you can get if you’ve got $46 million to shell out, or if you’re willing to donate to Mac’s cause:

It is perhaps the most skier-friendly property for sale in the country. So start scraping your piggy banks, ski bums, because this no ski-in, ski-out condo.
The 12,740-acre Wasatch Peaks Ranch in Utah – part of an 11-mile Wasatch Mountains’ ridgeline of 24 peaks and 15 bowls that offers 4,600 vertical feet of snowy relief only 15 minutes from Ogden – is available for $46 million.
Definitely a high-end deal, said Denver ranchland broker Ken Mirr, whose Mirr Ranch Group is marketing the matchless property.
“I’m not sure how many more mountains there are out there left to own,” said Mirr, who is floating the ranch as a potential private ski resort akin to Montana’s wildly successful Yellowstone Club.
The property is a recreational paradise. Eleven creeks cross the property on their way to the Weber River, spilling from the alpine through montane forests and deep gorges into open meadows. The ranch’s peaks get about 400 inches of snow a year, offering about 5,500 acres of skiable terrain. That’s larger than Vail. Utah’s Wasatch Powderbird helicopter outfit guides clients on the Wasatch peaks adjacent to the ranch.
The ranch is currently zoned for one home per 160 acres but could be developed more densely with local approval, Mirr said.
It’s a steep price tag, for sure, but the property is unlike any other, said Mirr, who has spent his career working with owners of one-of-a-kind properties.
“This is different than our typical ranches,” Mirr said. “There are so many amenities. It’s an interesting challenge because it really is more of a recreational property with some development potential.”

So, if you think chucking some $$$$$ towards Mac Jaehnert’s GoFundMe in order to get in on this $46 million investment then CLICK HERE to become the VERY FIRST INVESTOR, because as of the time of publication Mac has still yet to raise a single penny!